Hair Care


Hair care products are those that help to control the properties and behavior of the hair so that it can be maintained and controlled in a desirable way.

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Hair Shampoo Remove dirt and oil from the surface of the hair fibres and scalp.

Hair Fall Control Shampoo Malaysia

Hair Fall Control Shampoo

Moisturizing Hair Shampoo Malaysia

Moisturizing Hair Shampoo

Anti-dandruff Hair Shampoo Malaysia

Anti-dandruff Hair Shampoo

Oily Hair Shampoo Malaysia

Oily Hair Shampoo

Hair Conditioner Reduce friction between strands of hair to allow smoother brushing or combing which might otherwise cause damage to the scalp.

Silky Smooth Conditioner Malaysia

Silky Smooth Conditioner

Hair Mask Malaysia

Hair Mask

Hair Tonic Tonic make the hair look glossier, which is viewed by many people as a sigh of healthy hair.

Hair Growth Tonic Malaysia

Hair Growth Tonic

Scalp and Hair Loss Tonic Malaysia

Scalp and Hair Loss Tonic

Hair Serum A liquid-based treatment usually formulated with or
without silicones that provide a protective layer over the hair fibre, assisting in smoothing frizz.

Repair Hair Serum Malaysia

Repair Hair Serum

Treatment Hair Serum Malaysia

Treatment Hair Serum

Hair Growth Serum Malaysia

Hair Growth Serum

Pomade A greasy, waxy or a water-based substance that is used to style hair.
Pomade generally gives the user’s hair a shiny and slick appearance.

Hair Clay Malaysia

Hair Clay

Water Based Gel Malaysia

Water Based Gel

Pomade for Gray Hair Malaysia

Pomade for Gray Hair

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