Baby Care


Baby’s skin is very soft and sensitive. We are particular careful in choosing the ingredients to avoid causing allergy.

baby care products manufacturer malaysia

Baby Cleanser Gently cleanses delicate newborn skin and as mild as pure water.

Baby Gentle Cleanser Malaysia

Baby Gentle Cleanser

Shower Cream OEM Malaysia

Shower Cream

Baby Head-To-Toe OEM Malaysia

Baby Head-To-Toe

Foam Cleanser Malaysia

Foam Cleanser

Baby Lotion Moisturizes and protect baby’s skin.

Baby Powder Lotion Malaysia

Baby Powder Lotion

Soothing Baby Lotion Malaysia

Soothing Baby Lotion

Baby Oil Baby oil locks in more moisture ideal for baby massage.

Soothing Baby Oil Malaysia

Soothing Baby Oil

Calming Baby Oil Malaysia

Calming Baby Oil

Baby Eczema Cream/ Lotion naturally nourishing for baby eczema relief.

Baby Balm to nourish baby’s skin.

Massage Balm OEM Malaysia

Massage Balm

Mosquito Balm Malaysia

Mosquito Balm

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